City Life




Sacred Places




I call this picture “The Symbol of Constructive Creativity.”


Why did I take this picture?  I thought this building brings hope and opportunity for all young people.  This school is located in Worcester of the Main South Clubhouse, at 65 Tainter Street.


School should teach you to be your own teacher, the best and most.  Seriously.


- Rafila D. Papit (Romania)



This is my job.  It is good.  I’m fixing ballets. 

The company name Is IFLO.  It is in West Boylston. 

Sometimes I train other people.  I like it.


- Ali Mohammed (Somalia)



I thank God that he gave my family and me the opportunity to be in this country. My life here is beautiful. I have better opportunities for my life.  I have a job, a house, and a nice family. I barely spend time with them because here time is limited.  We all have things to do.  I work at Macy’s store, and two days a week I go to school to learn English to communicate with other people so that I have an opportunity for a better job. Every Sunday my family and I go to Church together, then we dine together and sometimes we watch a movie. I like celebrating parties and birthday parties with my family. I also like going on vacations, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas when family and friends join together to dine and celebrate. I have good and bad times, but life is good. It is God's gift and no matter where you are you have to enjoy it with a smile.

- Ester Alvarado (El Salvador)


Worcester is a beautiful city. The city is calm, clean and organized. The people are friendly and work hard. This city has many programs that help people that many other cities don’t have, for example, health insurance for people with poor resources, bilingual schools, and different programs for people who want to learn English. Worcester has the W.I.C. for soon-to-be mothers, food stamps, food banks, shelters for the homeless, section 8 that helps people with the rent, daycares, nursing homes, churches, good colleges, and many more things like beautiful parks, lakes, stores, and restaurants. Worcester is a city that welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel comfortable.

This city has people who care and want nothing in exchange. Everybody together can make it better by being a better human being. Every day this city is blessed by God. I like to live in Worcester. And you?

- Ester Alvarado (El Salvador)

My favorite picture is of an architectural building.  In Poland, the houses where people live have different architecture than those in the U.S. This picture represents the U.S. that you do not see in Poland. I like the roof of the house because I have not seen any of this kind in Poland.

- Danuta Borowiec (Poland)

We like living in Worcester. Our city has a beautiful nature. All seasons are very bright looking: white winter, multicolor fall and spring, and green summer with beautiful flowers. When we all go to Elm Park, we feel relaxed. It's a very nice park with ducks and geese. They ask for food and we feed them. It’s fun! Also in Worcester are many different, old and very beautiful buildings. There are many different kinds of architecture. I like red and brown, and old churches. People in our city are kind and there is a nice culture. So we like Worcester.

- Elena Medvedeva and Roman Medvedev (Turkmenistan)

I chose to take a picture at Starbucks because everything is more expensive than at other stores. Everybody likes coffee. I go to Starbucks sometimes to buy a cappuccino. In the morning there are long lines. There are a lot of Starbucks in Worcester. This is the Starbucks on Central Street in Worcester.

- Julita Barbosa (Brazil)

In the picture is my friend's husband Michael. He is happy. Next to Michael is his car. The car is colored red. Next to it is an old white car. Behind the red car are tall trees. The garage is large.

- Justyna Borkowska (Poland)

In the picture is downtown in Worcester. 

In the street are many, many cars and big buildings.

 This is night time. 

This is the crossroads.

 -Grazyma Filewicz (Poland)

My picture shows Olive Garden Restaurant. 

It is very big. 

There are many people. 

There is one yellow tree near the restaurant.

- Valkeria Pinheiro (Brazil)

This is my Christian Church. 

There are lots of people. 

They are my brothers and sisters.

- Marcedalia Funes (El Salvador)

My picture shows a pool. 

It is a fountain. 

It is near a beautiful park.

- Benito Serrano (El Salvador)

I think life in the U.S. is way too busy, tiring and solitary. The people almost don’t have time for themselves. The one thing I like is that everyone can get a job, no matter what their job qualifications are. Also, I really like the fact that you can easily do research, especially at the public libraries. They provide you with books, newspapers, Internet, etc…

I don’t like Worcester that much because I think it’s not a really safe city. Also, the public schools don’t have a good name. Worcester should have a mall too. The real reason why my husband bought a house here, is because they are cheaper than in other places.

- Dilcileme Dorabriato (Brazil)

I like this place, these buildings. 

I feel happy when I go for a walk in this pace. 

It is beautiful.



It’s me and my son.


- Elena Medvedeva (Turkmenistan)


This is a beautiful lake,

a wonderful autumn (fall),

and a nice sky.


- Elena Medvedeva (Turkmenistan)



He is my son.  He is playing Wii.  

They are my son, my cousin, and my niece.

They are watching TV in the living room.


 - Rosa Quintanilla (El Salvador)


I am happy to be with my family at this park. 

I like the natural views of the lake and trees. 

My kids love to play at the playground.

- Roman Medvedev (Turkmenistan)

I like to go to this church. 

It has great architecture.


- Roman Medvedev (Turkmenistan)

When I was a teenager, I loved to take pictures because things I saw impressed me.  In Vietnam, my job was to pose people who were taking their pictures at wedding parties.  It was a stunning job that everybody could do.


This picture I took is of the Memorial Monument in a park in downtown Worcester.  I love the Memorial Monument picture because it is an icon for all people living in the U.S.


-Khanh Le (Vietnam)

This is a picture of my car.  It is so important to me.  Its color is light yellow.  It was made in Japan, in 2003.  Inside, the car has a lot of options like automatic windows and leather seats. So now I’m still in love with my car.


- Khanh Le (Vietnam)