The photographs on display are genuine images taken by ordinary people documenting their lives in Worcester.  The photographs were taken with Kodak disposable cameras equipped with 800-speed film and 4’ to 11.5’ flash range. For best results, we recommend using higher quality cameras. The low quality film that comes with disposable cameras resulted in major imperfections in most photographs.  This was especially problematic when we needed to blow up each image from a 4x5 to 8x10 size to better display them in the library exhibit.  Having said that, we decided to leave some of the imperfections intact becuause we acknowledge that they make the immigrant perspectives the focus of attention and encourage the viewer to reflect on the human condition of the photographers themselves.
We are grateful to Mary Mudge, Visual Resources Curator in the Department of Art, Music, and Theater at Assumption College, for her excellent work in digitally restoring every single photograph on display.


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