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Welcome to this website about the application of Literacy Through Photography in a Community Service Learning college course.  This website features a LTP project by Spanish students at Assumption College and ESOL adult immigrant students at Training Resources of America, Inc., in Worcester, MA.  To better connect our class discussions with the service provided at TRA-Inc, students adapted LTP as a creative method to help ESOL students to practice their English skills while raising awareness about their life experiences in the United States.  This Project includes the photographs and short compositions that new immigrants and refugees created as to present their perspectives on the question “What is life like for you here in Worcester?”  We hope you enjoy viewing these photographs and texts, but, most of all, we hope to encourage you to apply LTP in service learning and other experiential learning courses.


Vlasaty notes that some of the photos in the exhibit are unattributed, artifacts now of people who have moved on or are no longer reachable. She also points out that there are larger stories behind the written essays, the words and photos providing a mere glimpse into the lives of the ESOL students.


- Laurence Levey, Worcester Magazine

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